Staff List

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Principal & COVID Site Supervisor Hathaway, Emily    253-571-4700
Assistant Principal  Curtiss, Erin

Office Coordinator Reed, Lori 253-571-4757
Office & Attendance Secretary Penswick, Kelly 253-571-4737
Preschool Teacher Sesepasara, Ese 253-571-4701
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher Prather, Eileen 253-571-4703
Kindergarten Teacher Clark, Amber 253-571-4705
Kindergarten Teacher Duffey, Katie 253-571-4706
Kindergarten Teacher Taniguchi, Elysia 253-571-4707
1st Grade Teacher Brown, Dawn 253-571-4702
1st Grade Teacher Knecht, Cheryl 253-571-4704
1st Grade Teacher Rendon, Daysy 253-571-4768
2nd Grade Teacher Clark, Sheila 253-571-4776
Guest 2nd Grade Teacher An, Phillip 253-571-4778
2nd Grade Teacher Schau, Tracy 253-571-4778
3rd Grade Teacher Belknap, Laura 253-571-4777
3rd Grade Teacher Gibson, Katie 253-571-4779
3rd Grade Teacher Saville, Diana 253-571-4766
4th/5th Grade Teacher Cornwell-Wright, Mary 253-571-4765
4th/5th Grade Teacher Fakatoufifita, Malia 253-571-4764
4th/5th Grade Teacher Guilford, Samantha 253-571-4771
4th/5th Grade Teacher Latimer, Kelly 253-571-4767
4th/5th Grade Teacher Patterson, Heather 253-571-4763
RISE Teacher Tipton, Jeff 253-571-4785
Librarian Wells, Ellen 253-571-4781
Music Teacher Stoermer, Karla 253-571-4747
PE Teacher Prince-Gamazon, Brittany 253-571-4738
Guest PE Teacher Zarelli, Alexa 253-571-4738
Counselor Kyle, Nycole 253-571-4731
Instructional Coach  Davis, Ava 253-571-4727
Physical Therapist Cook, Dave 253-571-4718
Occupational Therapist Irish, Shauna 253-571-4718
Speech Therapist Clark-Weaver, Jessica 253-571-4723
Speech Therapist Elseth, Colleen 253-571-4723
School Nurse Johnson, Sandy 253-571-4739
School Nurse Wilkins, Natalie 253-571-4739
K-2 LRC Teacher Rodriguez, Maria 253-571-4717
3rd-5th LRC Teacher Presthus, Heidi 253-571-4762
Psychologist Marnell, Hidemi 253-571-4728
EL Teacher Haynes, Beth 253-571-4783
LAP Intervention Woodhouse, Sharon 253-571-4708
Title 1 Teacher Raz, Patrice 253-571-4716
TWCI/Family Liaison Stephens, Sheri 253-571-4733
Preschool Educational Support Professional Marcus, Tena 253-571-4701
Educational Support Professional Glocke, Julie 253-571-4719
Educational Support Professional Meneghel, Carrie 253-571-4762
RISE Educational Support Professional Millspaugh, Ramona 253-571-4785
RISE Educational Support Professional Fields, Davion 253-571-4785
Head Cook Smith, Angela 253-571-4748