Fawcett GET Together

Fawcett G.E.T. Togethers are a time for the Fawcett community to come together to learn from each other and collaborate to make Fawcett the best school it can be. At every G.E.T. Together we spend time engaged in learning about something new such as tips for supporting early readers or hearing about community resources from Metro Parks and the Pierce County Library. We also use the G.E.T. Togethers as a time to gather feedback and ideas from our school's stakeholders. Together, we make a stronger Fawcett!

Parents at February Fawcett Get Together
Two students standing in front of a smart board
Parents and studens at February Fawcett Get Together
Fawcett parents discussing around a table
Table with Fawcett Elementary branded tablecloth
Fawcett parents talking

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